Importance of Temples


“Importance of temple in ancient India“

Did you ever think… What is the temple?

Is this the only place where God lives ?
Is this the only symbol of Hinduism Or this is just a visiting place to please ourselves ?

Well according to my opinion, this is more than that and calling it just a temple is not right it’s a soul of our India.
For getting the answer we have to study our ancient history of India which gives a well-defined answer but the irony is that we believe in English translations of “Granthas” those are not properly translated and the truth is being presented by their own convinces.

We are the new generation who believe in science more than God, but what if you come to know that God is the “science”.
Yes, you hear it right. Science is a synonym of God and temples are scientifically designed places.

In ancient times, India has numerous Vedic guides know as gurus and mahatmas who have very good knowledge of natural science and humanism.
In ancient times emperors were made temples with the guidance of gurus. gurus tell and instruct appropriately accordingly.
Every historical temple you see in India is well architecture and having scientific significance.

Temple ambiance is breezy and peaceful where people feel happy and fresh and sculpture of the God in the center which helps us to concentrate.
Our religion is always being “Karmic prime”, when we go to the temple and close the in front of God then our inner sense actives and analysis our situation and gives the best solution or move we should take. As we say ” voice comes from inside me that I can do it” this nothing but the effect of God’s prayers which gives us the power and confidence to cope with the situation.

In Temple, everybody poor or rich both stand in front of God and beseech equally or thank equally which unite the society in one rope. Temple bell vibration restores our mind thoughts and refreshes us and continues chanting of mantras gives the direction. In aged periods, temples are part of people’s daily lifestyles. People go to temples and do prayers and get the benefits of it as a result in ancient time, less problem they have mental and physical both. Humanity was well present in the community.

But sadly, nowadays temples are demolished. the main motive of Temples is going off, Temples being a tourist place. Praying to God is being superstition,
but it’s not true, it’s time to restore our values in society and tell them the truth about ancient Indian sculptures and temples that sadly ignored for the sake of being scientific and so-called urbanized.



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