Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Usher Self-Oblivion of own cultural values
The idea of this forum to support and strengthen the cultural values of India, which could help to overcome self-oblivion of society.

Our Vision

The struggle for political independence occupied the minds of people, this was but natural. However, genuine nationalist values which had perforce receded during foreign rule still not usher completely. Self-oblivion of self and looking to the West as the pinnacle of civilization is irrational and it is perpetuating the wrong theories; that the Hindus had achieved nothing of significance in the past and westernisation was the only hope for ‘the dying race’ of Hindus. Unquestioning acceptance of myths floated by Westerners even in the name of history, that life in Bharat was and had always been at a near primitive state. Pretensions of unacceptance of such numerous myths is required for everyone with the slightest to education or intellectuality.

That this breed still claims adherents even seven decades after Independence bespeaks the intensity of the overarching colonial legacy. All the father-figures of national renaissance from Swami Vivekananda to Lokmanya Tilak had laid great stress on the fact that releasing the society from such mental thraldom was as necessary as throwing out the imperialist rulers.

Was it not the lack of social cohesion which enabled a handful of english traders to establish their empire here who were no match to us either in intellectual brilliance or physical prowess? It was the native chieftains who facilitated the repeated destruction of the nation.

So-called academia and the elite even today display a singular lack of national consciousness, even after witnessing such horrendous insult to nationhood as partition of the country. The fact that such a race exists, even after such historical and recent experience. This reason provides the strong basis for the intensive and sustained promotion of the ideal nationalism.

Our Values

Therefore, we people should understand that we will be able to make the society capable, well-reputed, virtuous from the temporal point of view, only when we will be able to revive that ancient tradition again and again. This is the reason for saying epoch-making that in each era that tradition has taken a proper form and has stood up. Sometimes only those who lived in the Giri-Kandras, in the forests became ascetics, sometimes they turned out to be yogis, sometimes through Yagya-Yagadi and sometimes through the devotees and saints who worshiped the Lord.