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Our Mission

Support and strengthen India’s cultural values, overcoming societal self-oblivion. This forum aims to preserve and revive the genuine nationalist values that were suppressed during foreign rule, rejecting the notion that Westernization is the sole path for progress. By dispelling myths perpetuated by the West and promoting critical thinking, we strive to liberate society from mental thraldom and foster social cohesion.

Our Vision

Create a society free from the colonial legacy that embraces its rich heritage. We seek to awaken national consciousness and counter the derogatory narratives that undermine our achievements. Drawing inspiration from national icons like Swami Vivekananda and Lokmanya Tilak, we emphasize the significance of releasing society from mental thraldom. Our vision is to restore our nation’s dignity and establish a strong foundation of ideal nationalism.

Our Values

We recognize the importance of continuously reviving our ancient traditions to build a capable and virtuous society. Throughout history, these traditions have manifested in various forms, including ascetics, yogis, and devotees. By upholding these values and practices, we aim to bring temporal and spiritual well-being to our society. We value the contributions of our ancestors and the wisdom they imparted, inspiring us to honor our cultural heritage.


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