Is Artificial Intelligence a Power?


In recent 30 40 years, we have seen so many changes in World in terms of lifestyle, career options, job patterns which are normal we can say. in the root of this technology play a major role.

The Evolution

Those works are done by hand in past years new machine does them efficiently and effectively. we are happy because our labour is reduced and profits increases. our work is just to monitor the machine. we feed instruction in the machine and the machine work accordingly. but what if the machine starts to monitor us? and starts to instruct us. which is already started and we happily following it.
Now you think no it’s not true, how a machine or technology can control me. so I give you a very basic example “your mobile phone” yes, it’s the one. mobile record our every activity every click is done on the Internet. we don’t even know. We are controlled by other people with the help of technology. we see ads we see articles That are preset with the help of artificial intelligent technology our thoughts have been controlled our lifestyle has been controlled. in this social media plays a major role.

In another hand, computer technology continues to replace humans in every field whether it’s the automobile industry that too starts the robotic drive-less car or other manufacturing industries. robots to start human surgery, the robot can cook sing, or even be a friend to someone. what used to be our talent.
We make computers intelligent by putting our intelligence into them but the computer makes us foolish. we continue to increase computer memory in zeta bytes or even more but subsequently our memory is reduced.
As we know memory plays a vital role in data processing, Computers process data very well but we can’t process even small situations and problems. we are so much dependent on computers or technology. everything we ask the Internet. it destroys community connections and relationships in society. People are falling prey to depression by being alone.
People lost their jobs due to robotization in industries and it will get even more intense with time.

What we can do

So it’s time for the humanization of society instead of robotization. We have to improve our brain strength. meditation is a good option for it. we should understand human values and relationships.
we have to think forward to computers. we have to **skill up**ourselves accordingly. business nature is changing so we should change our quality accordingly. we have to wake up consciously.
May artificial intelligence not become our weakness, instead of becoming a **power**.



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